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Charles was born in a small fishing town of Fraserburgh in the North East of Scotland. He emigrated to New Zealand in the 1970s and currently resides in Snells Beach. A childhood love of drawing and a career in Mechanical Design and Engineering has transpired into a passion for painting keenly developed over the last sixteen years. Whilst predominantly working in acrylic paint on canvas, Charles is also an accomplished charcoal and graphite sketch artist completing several portraits for people, of their family members, as personalised gifts. Charles’s philosophy is to paint for enjoyment and he has no particular style other than variety. He likes the challenge of portraiture and the freedom of the abstract.


Siena, Acrylic on canvas, 2020


Graphite sketch.








2020: One Tree Point Combined Arts Exhibition.
2019: Snells Beach Great Summer Art Exhibition. 3rd prize, professional category.
2019: mARTakana Exhibition.
2019: Kowhai Art and Craft Exhibition.
2019: Estuary Arts Merit Awards.
2018: Snells Beach Great Summer Art Exhibition.
2018: mARTakana Exhibition.
2018: Kowhai Art and Craft exhibition.
2018: Estuary Arts Merit Awards.
2017: Snells Beach Great Summer Art Exhibition. 1st prize, intermediate category.
2017: mARTakana Exhibition.
2017: Kowhai Art and Craft exhibition.
2017: Estuary arts Merit Awards. People’s choice award.
2016: Snells Beach Great Summer Art Exhibition. 2nd prize, intermediate category.

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