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Creative Facilitator


Painting, Found Objects, Sculpture

Artist Bio:

Jo-ann enjoys creating abstract works from found objects. They reveal interesting concepts of the local history, the land and the people who may have lived there.

Unrestrained by convention, experimentation with mixed media is exciting and produces innovative works. Some materials used can no longer be procured so they are truly unique, just like everyone of us.
Jo-ann's motivation is to engage people to think of who we are, where we've come from and where we are going - the interaction with consumerism and nature.

Working with Maureen Roke at STUDIO 22, visits by appointment can be made by phoning 022 350-5706


FINDING YOUR PATH © Jo-ann Farnell 2022 Mixed Media W1270mm x H910mm


HACKED OFF © Jo-ann Farnell 2022 Mixed Media 520mm diameter


AROUND THE MOUNT © Jo-ann Farnell 2022 Mixed Media W405mm x H505mm


IRIS © Jo-ann Farnell 2022 Oil on Canvas W355mm x H455mm





2022 Mahurangi Artist Studio Trail
2020 Mahurangi Artist Studio Trail

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