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Artist, Creative, Maker, Writer, Other: [sculptor]


Architecture, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Sound, Text

Artist Bio:

Mulholland was born in Folkestone, England in 1951 and emigrated to New Zealand in 1953 with his sister, mother and father. His father’s work took their growing family to many different places throughout New Zealand giving rise to his fixed and fluid relationship to the land. Trained as a brick and stone layer, musician and draughtsman, he studied art theory, art education and architecture at the University of Canterbury, whilst working full time as a structural and architectural designer.

During this time, he became familiar with the innovative ways of building new structures and strengthening old ones. From the design of major artworks to the seismic base isolation of major heritage buildings, his association with structure and architecture gave rise to a life of creating sculpture. John’s four sons and closest friend Isa have also profoundly influenced his philosophical and creative approach to life making art.

John’s lifelong involvement with the creative arts has embraced the dynamics of change and renewal. Working across a diverse range of media with sculpture, found objects, painting, print, photography, music, sound and light, his work has evolved into an articulation of space, shape and language within a conceptual framework. Through exhibitions, private and public commissions, Mulholland’s work continues to find collectors throughout New Zealand.


AIRBORNE © John Mulholland | Stainless Steel & Acrylic sculpture | H5000mm x W5000mm x D700mm - Permanent public installation in Orewa


CONVEYOR © John Mulholland | Aluminium sculpture | H1700mm x W1700mm x D1700mm


TALL STORIES © John Mulholland | Steel / Marquette sculpture | H320mm x W40mm x D40mm


A PLACE AMONGST FRIENDS © John Mulholland | Stainless Steel sculpture | H4200mm x W310mm x D280mm


ONE NIGHT STAND © John Mulholland | Oak sculpture | H1400mm x W200mm x D200mm