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Artist, Maker, Painter


Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture

Artist Bio:

Kim exhibits small objects and paintings. Her objects are gizmos, automata, thing-a-ma-jigs and characters. They are made from paint wood paper and found materials. Kim loves the sea and all things mechanical and has spent a lot of time messing about in boats. Her oil and watercolor paintings feature marine themes like boatyards, dingy docks and regattas. Her object pieces include rowers, mermaids, birds and fish.

Kim is influenced by traditional, simple toys from history like puppets, whirligigs and automatons and inspired by Rube Goldberg and the Mechanical Cabaret Theatre. Many of her objects can be taken in hand and played with and this invites the user/viewer to participate, witness and create moments with the toys. They make life more playful and fun.

Kim’s object work is rooted in traditional crafts. To make one of these small scale sculptures she starts with either a concept or some sketches and then considers the materials and how to do it. The pieces evolve organically because either the idea doesn’t work or she gets inspiration from the materials during the process. The crafting process and the mechanics, rotation and movement are integral to the pieces.


Hand toys- wood, paper, paint, string


Family of Marionettes- paper mache, mixed media


Nigh Eve- mixed media automata


Flight Mystery - mixed media automata


Lying a-hull, oil painting