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Artist, Creative, Maker


Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Textiles

Artist Bio:

Martha takes inspiration from the natural world around her, creating delicate pieces inspired by wildlife and plant life. Working predominantly with thread, Martha's embroidered designs imbue an energy in her subjects, and the layered lines create a texture and movement.
After studying a fine art degree in England, Martha has continued to develop and explore mediums, focusing primarily on needlework but also exploring ink illustrations, oil paint and most recently mixing oil painting with thread. Texture and movement are a key component to her work and an area of continuous exploration for Martha.
Martha has an online presence and is now looking to exhibit her work in galleries more frequently.


Tui Duo, 2019. Embroidery on canvas. Approx 8 x 8"


Goldfinch and sweetpea suckling, 2020. Embroidery on canvas. Approx 5 x 5"


Robin, 2020. Mixed, oil painting with threadwork on top. Approx. 8 x 8"


Bella, 2020. Embroidery on canvas. Approx. 8 x 8"


NZ Snapper, 2019. Embroidery on canvas. Approx. 4 x 4"



University degree in Fine Art: Painting & Drawing
"A Bird in the Hand" Junction article, February 2020