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Artist, Maker


Digital, Furniture, Sculpture, Woodwork

Artist Bio:

Peter has been creating objects most of his life and since recently retiring, decided to share some of his crazy ideas with a wider audience than immediate family and friends.

Wood is his material of choice, although he has cast bronzes from wax and wants to do more with rock sculptures. He enjoys seeing people want to touch the creations because it indicates a 'connection' has been communicated.

Before he married, he was a manufacturing jeweller, started a family, had a corporate career, launched new computer products, and eventually ended up in Education as a Senior Lecturer at AUT. He moved to Snells Beach a couple of years ago and has finally set up a workshop where magic happens.


PACIFIC NEIGHBOURS © Peter Mansfield 2022 - Wall mounted Carved wood in relief, 650mm x 520mm


PACIFIC NEIGHBOURS 1 © Peter Mansfield 2022


PACIFIC NEIGHBOURS 3 © Peter Mansfield 2022


BIG TIKI © Peter Mansfield 2022


BRILLIANT © Peter Mansfield 2021 - Wood and wire lacquered - one in a series of 120 Attitude Ants 250mm high


SILHOUETTE © Peter Mansfield 2022 - Macrocarpa, Beeswax after Burnishing - 140cm x 52cm



2022 Mahurangi Artist Studio Trail
2021 Art Salon / Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery

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