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Artist, Creative, Painter, Potter, Teacher


Painting, Sculpture, Textiles, Digital, Mixed Media, Ceramics

Artist Bio:

Philippa has recently returned to New Zealand after living and teaching art in Melbourne for the last 12 years. She enjoys using a wide range of media and employs her skills in painting, digital printing, tapestry, textile arts, ceramics and sculpture to create pieces that are inspired by her love of New Zealand nature and landscape, and of colour, texture and pattern.

Philippa has been a regular designer and finalists in the World of WearableArt (WOW), having had eight garments included in WOW shows. She won the Aotearoa Section in 2015 with her piece 'On Reflection' and the following year placed third in the Creative Excellence Section in 2016 with her piece 'Minuet & Trio'.

In her spare time, Philippa enjoys sewing, tapestry, knitting, quilting, gardening and exploring the bush and beaches of New Zealand.


'On Reflection' - Philippa Stichbury - Winner of the Aotearoa Section 2015 World of WearableArts


'Dawn Chorus' - Philippa Stichbury - 2018 Finalist World of WearableArts


'Piha' - 2019 Philippa Stichbury - Oil on Board (800mm x 1000mm)


'Spanish Landscape' - 2020 Philippa Stichbury - Acrylic on textured paper & canvas (1000mm x 600mm)


Mosaic Chair - 2020 Philippa Stichbury - commissioned work


POHUTAKAWA PANEL I - Philippa Stichbury-Cooper © 2022 - Collage / Acrylic - W900mm x H1200mm

POHUTAKAWA PANEL II - Philippa Stichbury-Cooper © 2022 - Collage / Acrylic - W500mm x H1200mm

EUCALYPTUS GOWN - Philippa Stichbury-Cooper © 2022 - Ceramic - H240mm



World of WearableArt Finalist - 2021 / 2018 / 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012

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