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Artist, Creative, Graphic Designer & Painter


Drawing, Graphics, Mixed Media, Painting & Printmaking

Artist Bio:

For Tanya, art is her escape from reality, enabling her to explore thoughts and emotions using colour, texture, and whatever else tickles her fancy. Creating is as important to her as breathing. Inspiration comes in many forms, from appreciating the colour of a stormy sky or the contrast between light and dark, patterns in nature or to cultural patterns, delicious textures, mystical thoughts of imaginary creatures, and magic are all but a few things that make me want to create.

On any given day, Tanya could have at least 30 art projects that she works on simultaneously depending on her mood. Sometimes she feels like letting loose with big bold splashes of colour and then other times she finds satisfaction doing tiny little dots creating delicate textures and patterns. Tanya has a wide range of applications that compliment her desires to create. Most of the time she has no idea what she is creating but trusts in her intuitive approach that has no boundaries, allowing her to play and discover.


UNTITLED 1 © Tanya McCabe 2022


UNTITLED 2 © Tanya McCabe 2022


HONGI (detail) © Tanya McCabe 2021 - Acrylic on Canvas


LOVE BIRDS © Tanya McCabe 2021 - Acrylic on Canvas


PECKING ORDER © Tanya McCabe 2021 - Acrylic on Canvas


RUBY © Tanya McCabe 2021 - Acrylic on Canvas



Mahurangi Artist Studio Trail 2022

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