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Ceramics, Pottery, Sculpture

Artist Bio:

Sandra has been playing with clay as long as she can remember, working more seriously with clay in the last five years. She spent three years at Auckland Studio Potters interacting with other potters, crafting her unique whimsical style. She loved being tutored by Peter Lange with his quirky style and quick sense of humour.

In her youth, Sandra admired the whimsy of makers such as John Green and Karen Kennedy and aspired to create her own creatures and unusual objects through the process of hand-building. The clay in her hands almost forms itself with her tweaking here and there, "I love the making, but find it hard to finish with the right glazes, so am now concentrating on this aspect of my pottery. My creatures are organic and not trying to be perfect. I get a lot of joy spending time in my studio listening to music while creating my clay creatures and love it when they make people smile".





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