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Painter & Sculptor

Artist Bio:

Simon's artistic journey has spanned decades, marked by accolades and exhibitions on a global scale. Originating from the early days on a Wairarapa farm, he left an indelible mark as a teenager, captivating the local community with his expansive portraits. Throughout his extensive career, Simon's vibrant colour spectrum and abstract expressionist style have undergone a transformative evolution. As he aptly puts it, "Being an artist is a possession of spirit and being."

For Simon, art transcends mere manipulation; it is the very essence of one's soul. He firmly believes that creating art is not a choice but a profound response to the world around us. In his words, "We live, we watch, we wait, we create; not because we want to but because we have no choice."

Over the past decade, Simon's artistic exploration has taken a metaphysical turn, with O's and X's serving as the foundational meaning behind his creations. This thematic evolution is evident in his works, ranging from the impactful 'Wildfires' to the introspective "Conversations with the Moon." Each piece reflects not only his technical prowess but also a heartfelt connection to the world he observes and interprets through his art.


52 © Simon Payton
Acrylic on Canvas - 1020mm x 1020mm


WILDFIRE 111 © Simon Payton
Acrylic on Canvas - 960mm x 1260mm

RHODODENDRON © Simon Payton 
Acrylic on Canvas - 1020mm x 1020mm

Acrylic on Canvas - 1020mm x 1020mm

JOAN D'ARC © Simon Payton 
Giclée Print

JOAN D'ARC © Simon Payton
Giclée Print



    2007 > Finalist NZ Painting & Printmaking Award - WSA Hamilton
    2004 > Finalist Adam Portraiture Award - NZ Portrait Gallery, Wellington
    2002 > Finalist Adam Portraiture Award - NZ Portrait Gallery, Wellington
    2002 > 'Double Exposure Exhibition' Ten Selected Portraits
    1991 - 1994 > Finalist in Telecom Art Awards, Wairarapa
    1989 > Merit Award in Norsewear Art Awards
    1968 > Merit Award Kelleher Art Awards - Portrait section

    2024 Mahurangi Artist Studio Trail & Members Showcase Exhibition
    2024 mARTakana Hospice Exhibition
    2014 - 2024 > Various exhibitions through NZ - Auckland, Wellington & Queenstown and the UK - Edinburgh, St Leonards on Sea.
    2013 > Artist in Residence SKG, Remuera
    2009 > Standing on Pedestals, Timelines - River East Gallery, Wairarapa
    2008 > Music & Dance - Group Show Exhibitions Gallery, Wellington
    2006 > Dobson Bashford Gallery, Christchurch. Figurative Drawings, Stanbeth House Gallery, Auckland. Atelier Gabriel Legraf, Krefeld, Germany.
    2005 > Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland. The Art Library Wellington. Red Peach Gallery, Napier.
    2004 > Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland. Red Peach Gallery, Napier.
    2003 > Group show, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.
    2002 > Woodhouse Hill, Wellington. Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland. Waikato Society of Arts. Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.
    2001 > Woodhouse Hill, Wellington. Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland. Statements Gallery, Napier.
    2000 > Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland. Rotorua. Wellington
    1999 > Nancy Littlejohn Fine Arts, Houston, USA. Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland, Wellington, Cambridge, Havelock North.
    1998 > Saarlouis, Germany. Auckland. Tauranga. Warkworth. Wellington. London, UK. Houston, USA.
    1997 > Wellington. Auckland. Warkworth. Artex - Hansen Gallery, California, London, Saarlouis, Frankfurt, Germany.
    1996 > Wellington. Auckland. Hamilton. Christchurch. Los Angeles, Houston, USA. Frankfurt, Germany. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    1995 > Auckland. Christchurch. Bruton Street Gallery, Mayfair, London, UK. Hansen Gallery, Carmel, California, USA. Ritz Carlton, San Francisco, USA. Art Studio Gallery, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA.
    1994 > Auckland. Christchurch. Wellington. Hamilton. Auckland.
    1993 > Auckland. Queenstown. Invercargill. Timaru. Ashburton. Waipukurau. Wellington. Christchurch. Hastings. Stratford.
    1992 > First Solo Show with Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland.
    1969-1992 > Exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand.
    1978-1991 > Invited as Artist in Residence at Rathkeale College, Masterton to set up the Art Department and accompanying art programme.
    1969 > Attended Canterbury School of Fine Arts
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