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Glenda Hopkins in her studio putting the final touches onto EYE OF THE KERERU

Acrylic on Canvas

What is your background and how does that inform your art?

My studies with the New Zealand College of Fashion & Design have influenced my art when I consider colour, texture and balance within a composition.

Why art?

I started painting a few years ago as a form of stress relief.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a CEO of a Charitable Trust that has a focus on those without a voice, as in pre-school children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The Trust Hears and Responds to needs within the Glenfield North Community. I love seeing the voiceless empowered.

What type of art do you create and what motivates you to make it?

Nature makes my soul beat; it surrounds me and draws me into the work as I paint and draw with different mediums such as charcoal and fluid art. As I paint, draw, and create I am removed from the busy world, and it calls me to breathe in. I find the light and colours of nature truly inspiring.

Mau te manawa ka okioki

Take a breath and rest

THE PIPI GATHERERS © Glenda Hopkins – Acrylic on Canvas

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