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The Gift of Creativity & Mindful Wellbeing

Looking back over my life I know I'm blessed with the gift of creativity and realize it's a life skill that has allowed me to grow. From an early age I was a daydreamer, emotionally sensitive, an observer, over thinker and a people pleaser and much more.

Life has had a beautiful way of challenging me to grow and evolve as an individual through my art. Over the years I have experienced mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, PTSD. My ability to process and express my gamut of raw emotions through mindful art and creativity in a safe and healthy way has been my greatest asset. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, when you realize, you always have choices.

Choosing to escape reality through art and creativity has been so much more rewarding and healing than succumbing to alcohol, drugs, and toxic relationships etc. It’s my go to for every emotion regardless. Over the years I have accumulated many techniques I use to express my happiness, still my mind, distract the tears and/or vent anger and frustration and eventually feed my sense of love and satisfaction. Best feeling ever!

I love how many of creations end up with multiple layers of purged emotions that result in colourful, weird compositions that eventually feel happy. The bonus bit is that strangers give me money for my expressions of emotion. For me, it's so satisfying concluding a piece of art with love.

Life doesn’t get easier as we get older, we just get better at dealing with it. For me, my creative toolbox is my go-to on a daily basis.

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