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Creative Workshops

An important part of my art practice is sharing my skills with others at workshops and similar events. It is a privilege to be asked to visit groups. Recently I visited the Wanaka Autumn Art School ( This event has been established for around 30 years and is well known. The event is held in the beautiful Wanaka autumn, well worth a trip in its own right. The tutors cover a wide range of subjects from watercolour, print, bookbinding, photography, singing, writing, jewellery, textiles and more. Some tutors are so popular that they are invited back as stalwarts each year, but others are changed and bring variety of subjects for attendees.

Inspired by this event Jo Connor decided that Auckland needed something similar. She developed the successful event known as Creative Matakana ( Its aim is to bring nationally and internationally recognised masters of their art to the Matakana area and provide a place for creativity to be nurtured and celebrated. As this is on my home turf, I am able to offer myself as a tutor on this event. It is the only event which I teach from my home studio.

These events bring people together. It is not all about learning and working, socialising, sightseeing, and enjoying time well spent is also important. If you ever wonder how to extend your skills and ignite your creative passions, events such as these offer very special and memorable experiences.