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Since the last newsletter I have been on a 2-week southern England trip encompassing Ealing in London, Winchester, Billericay and Andover. And apart from one day when I was able to get to Salisbury including a look around the Cathedral and Stonehenge, the rest of the time was spent tutoring and helping participants to develop their skills, which gives me great satisfaction. Today - Whew – I’m getting quite literally blown away! Having finished all of my work engagements on a high a couple of days ago, I am taking a little break with a friend who lives at the extreme west of Southern Ireland on a peninsula looking out over the wild Atlantic. And with severe weather warnings in place (just look at the view through the window), we are hunkering down to do some creative playing, stitching and drawing whilst catching up on the last few years. My friend calls it ‘decompressing’ time and I am not allowed to do anything apart from relax – how special is that? In my mind I am now working towards the Open Studios in February as my first big event of 2023 and am looking forward to welcoming lots of you to the studio then. In addition to seeing me at work and some completed pieces for sale, there will be free drop in workshops. All the details are in the programme. Very soon I will be back on a plane and I sincerely hope you have sorted out some sunshine for my return!

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