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Introducing SHELLY GRAY

What is your background and how does that inform your art?

I am a qualified jeweller and senior florist with two diplomas’ one in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing and the other in Design and Commercial Floristry. I have travelled extensively around Europe enjoying its history and culture. I love the mystical folklore and legends of all the different countries and places, which has influenced me personally and artistically during my travels. I like to make bespoke silver mythical creatures and capture the storytelling within the piece. The Art Nouveau period has had quite an influence on my work, and I draw inspiration from the likes of Emilé Galle who was an amazing cabinet maker, famous for his work with glass. He didn’t limit himself to one genre of art and was a major innovator of the movement.

What type of art do you create and what motivates you to make it?

I work with many different materials including 925 Silver, precious stones, resin and glass. I particularly love to work with fused glass as the outcomes are unique and sometimes surprising. There is a quote by one of my favourite authors Terry Pratchett “Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove.” I believe glass can be as beautiful as any precious stone.