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My late mother was a very keen gardener, so I suppose I got my love of flowers from her. This love grew more when I found her favourite flower and colour, grew out of nowhere and bloomed completely out of season at our new home that we shifted to the year after she died!

I also had a Great Uncle (whom I never meet) but I was told that he only had one arm but still managed to make a Merry-Go-Round, carving out each horse by hand. When he died the Merry-Go-Round was dissembled and the horses were distributed amongst the family and my father made ours into a rocking horse. This family story of our rocking horse fostered my love for carousel horses and over the years I have made carousel horse mobiles where each horse was a stuffed toy with elaborate ribbons beads and bows. Now that I have switched my interest to painting, I am looking forward to finally putting brush to canvas on the subject.

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