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Introducing JULIA FRASER

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

KAKAPO - pastel -200mm x 250mm

Why art? I enjoy being able create. My mother was a talented artist, and my sister is also very accomplished so now that I have the time, it followed that I would try my hand too at painting. What type of art do you do? I usually paint in acrylics or drawing in both graphite and pastels and I have also dabbled with water colours. Time away from my easel is spent doing spinning, knitting and crochet.

Are there specific subjects or themes you return to regularly in your art? If so, what are they and do you know why? I draw animals, mainly horses as I have ridden, judged, and bred horses most of my life. I also do pet portraits. My other love is painting flowers and my large colourful garden is a great source of inspiration.

POPPIES - acrylics - 760mm x 380mm

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