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Selfie time - Pauline Gough in her Matakana studio

What is your background and how does that inform your art? I grew up on a farm and married a farmer, hence many of my paintings have a rural theme. I tried painting when our children were young but gave up as there were too many distractions due to an energetic family and farm business! Therefore, I began to seriously paint when my youngest was finishing high school 11 years ago. How do you work? I work quickly and energetically. I like my work to have a raw authenticity and try not to overwork pieces. I can spend an entire morning on something, then come back after lunch and paint over the whole thing and start again because it just doesn't feel right. I like to use big brushes and a lot of paint! How do you make it? I normally start with a photo or picture for inspiration, but my resulting painting may have little resemblance to it by the time I'm finished. I work intuitively, pushing the paint around until it pleases my eye. This may take 1 or 2 hours or a number of days, in some instances. I generally paint alla-prima (wet on wet painting technique). Presently I'm enjoying quality acrylics. What does your art mean to you? My art means everything to me and yet I'm not attached to it, and this is why I have no trouble selling to collectors. I love the process of painting and excitement of not knowing at the start what the end result will be. It's always a delight when a piece of my art resonates with a buyer.

NEW BEGINNINGS © Pauline Gough - 60x50cm – Acrylic on Canvas

LIFESTYLE BLOCK © Pauline Gough - 90x76cm – Acrylic on Canvas

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