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Alysn busy in her studio using unexpected materials and techniques to create her textile based art works

What is your background and how does that inform your art? There are two major factors which tie into my creative life, and which ran side by side for many years, then moved apart and are now intertwined once again. The first is that I can’t remember a time when I didn’t spend time ‘making’, or stitching. These efforts were not always successful, but we all must start somewhere! As I grew older my creative efforts included painting and poetry but continued to include fibre arts. The second major influence is a combination of biochemistry, marine biology and conservation which were my degree subjects. ​ I think that my approach to my art and my world view is informed by the investigative, experimental exploration which is the basis of the scientific method. Since living at the coast, I have been reunited with the coastal environment, at the same time the reality of climate change, (not the ‘sometime in the future’ version, the happening now - tipping point – life is going to change) is beginning to hit home with a vengeance. Over the last 18 months my work has been concentrating on the dual themes of the place, culture and stereotypes associated with textiles; and the coastal and marine environment – it’s beauty, raw energy, and challenges.

What process, materials, techniques do you use to create your artwork? When I am asked ‘why textiles?’, a reason which is high on the list is that textile arts encompass such a wide range of techniques and materials. Textile artists and embroiderer’s have a long, distinguished, and complex history in every age and culture, though they are also surrounded by stereotypes and misconceptions. Contemporary textiles artists are also adept at appropriating industrial materials. These factors make textiles a lively, exciting field with historical depth and breadth to be involved in. I hope my works stretch traditional definitions and dissolve boundaries between sculpture, installation, textile, video, and wall-based works.

VISION & ACTION © Alysn Midgelow-Marsden 2021 Stainless Steel Fabric - 120mm x 195mm

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