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first published 27 August 2021

Talia lining up the stencils by eye and trying not to get paint in her hair!

What type of art do you create and how does your background inform your art? I am a silk screen printer who creates large scale silk screen prints. Influenced by my design background and my love of travel, I have always loved travel posters from the 20’s and 30’s and have been influenced by these fabulous designs along with British Painter Brian Cook through his use of colour and composition.

Printing – pulling the paint through the screen.

I choose silk screen printing as my art form for the following reasons:

  1. Silk screen printing is made to be large-scale and is a magical process with lots of planning and designing that goes on before the actual printing. I love the matt colour and how each stencil lines up to create a finished art piece. It’s a very satisfying feeling when the stencils align, and the colours harmonise beautifully next to each other.

  2. With my Industrial Design background and influence of mass production, I like the idea that all the effort that I put into creating an art piece goes further than just one piece of art – I don’t just get one finished piece of Art, but a limited edition, which I can then also print in other colour variations to my heart’s content. Each piece being hand printed, each colour is hand pulled, with possible minor variations to each print therefore making each piece unique and original.

I describe my art as ‘Iconic views seen in a different light’ Juxtaposing elements of realism with the surprise of surrealist colour combinations. I try to emulate the original travel posters through their design and style with my choice of colours and composition, giving them a new twist.

Beyond North Head to Rangitoto (2020) – 78 x 54cm, 11 colour, limited edition silk screen print

La Vieil Antibes - La Cote d'Azure (2016) - 78 x 53cm, 12 colour, limited edition silk screen print

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