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Who are you and what do you do? I have always enjoyed making and creating, and as a daughter of a potter dad and weaver/sewer mum, have always had the opportunity to be involved in the arts. Having been a primary school art teacher for many years enabled me to use and experiment with a wide range of media, techniques, and styles. Now that I no longer work in a school, I am looking forward to concentrating on developing and extending my own art practice. I enjoy working in a variety of media - predominantly clay, paint, digital art and design and textiles, including tapestry, sewing, knitting and quilting. What process, materials, techniques do you use to create your artwork? My main personal artistic outlet while teaching has been constructing World of WearableArt (WOW) garments and I have had eight pieces included in WOW shows since 2012. Each garment has been designed to tell a story and each uses a different media and style. This has helped me explore a wide range of ways of making and creating and to develop and hone my skills. What inspires you? I am often inspired by New Zealand nature and landscape, and the interaction of colour, texture, and pattern.